Slide In the constantly evolving dimension of digital media, LEF3D adds value by not merely creating works with a sense of beauty but by understanding the strength that lies in evoking emotional responses (through interactive engagement and or virtual experiences). Emotion lies at the heart of all human decisions. OUR SERVICES The future lies in interactive engagement and virtual experiences -

Slide Computer generated environments provide ultimate flexibility within a 3D scene.
Entire environments can be (re)created and manipulated. We use tools to consciously build convincing, realistic and detailed images.
To enable a glimpse into the yet-to-be-built future.

Slide A visual language to express architectural design with its own unique perspectives.
Architectural movie and animation is playing an increasingly bigger role nowadays. The constant developing technology in this area is making this an affordable way to raise the engagement, professionalism and quality of every project.

Slide VR, AR and MR allow users to get lost in and interact with unbuilt environments. To see the future buildings and or environments in lifelike situations. There are two main approaches to VR; a Static 360 degrees hotspot tour or total freedom with real-time VR by using the latest gaming technology. Making decisions and changes in VR throughout the design process is a great way to get engaged and a cost-efficient way compared to real life adjustments.

Slide We can provide photorealistic studio renders and animation of any product from architectural light fittings and furniture to sanitary ware and kitchen appliances.
Ultra-flexible control over lighting, location, ambiance, material variations and colors.

Slide We can assist in designing new products or come up with an entirely new design. Our visualization team can open the door to a world of infinite variation in shapes, forms, concepts, ideas. We make concepts come to life providing concept sketches and detailed models. CONCEPTUAL DESIGN

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